About Us

Magzmart.com is a platform to easily access the world of digital magazines. Headquarter in Sweden; Mgzmart has worldwide collaboration with Rockville Technologies which is an industry expert in platform development. Magzmart has thousands of magazines from different publishers, countries and languages. Magzmart subscribers at any time and place can enjoy the experience of airport magazine store at their own convenience. With less than a fraction of price of any one good magazine, the subscriber at Magzmart can read latest and back issue of any world class magazine.

Magzmart not only provides opportunity for publishers to reach larger reader's base but also enables mobile operators to enhance average revenue per user (ARPU). Telecoms can reduce customer churn and win customer loyalty by providing world class digital content at a very affordable price. Magzmart targets every region across the globe through partnerships with best local mobile operator in each country.

Subscribers are important to us and to ensure added assortment of valueable customers, Magzmart will be coming soon with additional feature of audio and e-books.

About Team

CEO-Johann Schmidt

Johann has experience of over 30 years with service and construction industries and managing skilled human resource in Europe, Middle East and South Asia. With understanding of diverse cultures of east and west Johann is extremely excited to launch the project and fully believes in business idea of Magzmart. As an active member of the board he extends deep business insight and strategic support to enhance business and ensure smooth operation of the company.

COO-Jamshaid Imam

Jamsaid is a marketing and supply chain management specialist holding multiple Masters degrees from Vaxjo University Sweden. Jamshaid has over 15 years of experience in operations, marketing and supply chain with a proven track record in telecom, travel and retail industry. He has broad experience of working in Europe , Asia and has successfully led marketing/sales campaigns of many startup companies with domestic and global reach such as GSM operator, telecom vendor, online store, marketing consultancy etc. The cross-disciplinary functioning coupled with experience of developed and developing world makes Jamshaid a very valuable asset for startups with global reach like Magztmart. Having experience of successfully setting up a similar venture, Jamshaid is a strategic asset of the company.